A limited number of merit-based scholarships is available. In addition, research and teaching assistantships worth €3000 may be offered to full time accepted students who express interest, thus reducing tuition fees to €3000. Assistantships involve 10 hours of academic work (e.g., helping with undergraduate classes, computer administration in a laboratory, data analysis for a research project, etc.) per week of school, exempting examination weeks.  

Student(s) achieving the top grade in the Capstone Project receive the merit scholarship equal to the full tuition amount.

MSc in Data Science is ranked 13th globally in the Eduniversal rankings


The Master of Science in Data Science has a large and growing number of Industry Partners, offering industrial thesis topics, career days, seminars and short courses, and scholarships, among other forms of collaboration. We are grateful to the Greek industrial community for supporting the program.

AUEB - MSc in Data Science