Target Audience
Target Audience
The full-time program primarily seeks graduates with a strong background in quantitative analysis and informatics, namely programming and computer science, a sound knowledge of mathematical and statistical concepts, methods and techniques, and experience with algorithmic aspects of problem-solving.

The part-time program targets executives in business and other organisations, having at least 3 years of full-time work experience in the field of collecting, measuring and/or analysing information; graduates with a strong background in quantitative analysis (basic knowledge of probability theory and statistics) and informatics (“active” programming skills, basic knowledge of theory and systems), familiarity with mathematical and statistical concepts, and experience in computational problem-solving. The program seeks individuals already working in consulting, banking, finance, communication technologies, IT, quantitative marketing, business intelligence and related fields.

MSc in Data Science is ranked 13th globally in the Eduniversal rankings


The Master of Science in Data Science has a large and growing number of Industry Partners, offering industrial thesis topics, career days, seminars and short courses, and scholarships, among other forms of collaboration. We are grateful to the Greek industrial community for supporting the program.

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