About Data Science
About Data Science

Data Science is the study of data through computational and statistical techniques, in order to answer questions, develop explanatory and predictive models, perform analyses and communicate results in revealing ways. Data science draws from a wide variety of disciplines such as computer science, artificial intelligence, statistics, economics, and operations research. It applies quantitative methods to reveal relationships in data drawn from business, medical, financial, social or other fields. It is a key driver of improvement to all aspects of business, including strategy, operations, marketing, finance, and human resource management.

MSc in Data Science is ranked 13th globally in the Eduniversal rankings


The Master of Science in Data Science has a large and growing number of Industry Partners, offering industrial thesis topics, career days, seminars and short courses, and scholarships, among other forms of collaboration. We are grateful to the Greek industrial community for supporting the program.

AUEB - MSc in Data Science